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Cerazette Mini Pill

Contrary to combined pills, mini-pills do not contain an oestrogen hormone next to the progestagen. a COCP's 12 hours). At first, the pill was fine, I had a period roughly when I should have and everything felt okay. However, in some countries, the does propecia work POP desogestrel (Cerazette) has an approved window of 12 hours. Cerazette mini-pill (desogestrel) is a highly effective single-ingredient contraceptive pill. Cerazette is used as a hormonal contraceptive and was first used medically in Europe, in 1981 Cerazette® is called a progestagen-only-pill (POP), or a mini-pill. Cerazette should be taken during the entirety of a 28-day menstruation. It is called a mini-pill because it contains only one hormone, in comparison to the combined preparations, which contain two female hormones. The combined pill, “The Pill”, which contains 2 types of female sex hormone an oestrogen and a progestogen, The progestogen-only pill, POP, which doesn’t contain an oestrogen. What Cerazette is and what it is used for. The effectiveness is, therefore, dependent. There are 2 main kinds of hormone contraceptive. Cerazette is a progestogen-only-pill (POP) Find here Cerazette Tablets, Mini Pill dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. However, tablets for migraine I soon started to have dizzy spells, a very bad back, my anxiety skyrocketed, my skin got very sore and red, and I cerazette mini pill gained weight very quickly 1.

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